Body Oil Fig & Orange

with almond & coconut oil


The Body Oil Fig & Orange is an exceptional moisturizing body oil that combines the luxury of botanical oils with the lightness of a dry oil, offering superior skin care. Enriched with almond oil and coconut oil, known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, this product provides deep hydration, leaving the skin soft and velvety.
Thanks to its unique composition as a dry oil, the Body Oil Fig & Orange is quickly and effectively absorbed by the skin, leaving a feeling of refreshment and well-being, without any greasiness. Its distinctive fragrance combines the warm notes of fig with the refreshing freshness of orange, creating a sensual and discreet aromatic experience that captivates.
This body oil is the ideal choice for those who want to care for their skin with a product that combines deep hydration and revitalization, turning daily body care into a truly enjoyable routine.

Apply on your body, on dry or wet skin.