Body Milky Mist Fig & Orange

with apricot kernel oil & cucumber extract


The Body Milky Mist Fig & Orange is an innovative addition to body care, combining the softness of a milky lotion with the lightweight hydration every skin needs. Its secret lies in its light composition, which is quickly absorbed, providing immediate refreshment and softness to the skin.
Enriched with the hydrating power of apricot oil and the soothing properties of cucumber extract, the Body Milky Mist Fig & Orange offers a unique sense of well-being. The skin not only gains a feeling of freshness and elasticity but also a wonderful aromatic aura, thanks to the combination of the lively fig scent and the refreshing note of orange.
Finally, its composition is ideal for daily use, as it gives the skin a natural glow and vitality, without leaving any greasy residue. The Body Milky Mist Fig & Orange is the perfect choice for those who want a product that combines quality, effectiveness, and an unforgettable aromatic experience.

Spray the product on your body from a distance of at least 15 cm.
Then, spread it with your hand for better absorption.
Shake well before use.