Body Milky Mist Vanila & Plum

with apricot kernel oil & cucumber extract


The Body Milky Mist Vanilla & Plum, an innovative refreshing body milk, is the perfect solution for those seeking light and effective hydration. Enriched with the rich moisturizing power of apricot oil and the soothing properties of cucumber extract, this milk offers deep hydration, leaving the skin soft and rejuvenated.
Its unique light texture is immediately absorbed, leaving no oily residue. This means you can get dressed right after application without worrying about stains on your clothes. Additionally, the sweet and rich aroma of vanilla plum provides a delightful and lasting fragrance experience throughout the day.
Body Milky Mist Vanilla & Plum is ideal for daily use, as it is light enough not to weigh down the skin, but nourishing enough to provide long-lasting hydration and freshness.

Spray the product on your body from a distance of at least 15 cm.
Then, spread it with your hand for better absorption.
Shake well before use.