Antimosquito Spray

with eucalyptus, basil, mint & sage


This specific mosquito repellent enhanced with essential oils is a revolutionary product in the category of natural protection against mosquitoes. With a light texture that is immediately absorbed by the skin, it offers a feeling of freshness without the sensation of greasiness or stickiness. Its main natural ingredients, eucalyptus, basil, mint, and sage, are known for their insect-repellent properties, providing effective protection with every application.
The essential oil of eucalyptus, with its refreshing aroma, acts as a powerful insect repellent, repelling mosquitoes and other insects. Basil, with its antimicrobial properties, adds an extra layer of protection, while mint and sage offer a cool and cleansing sensation, enhancing the user experience and the feeling of freshness on the skin.
The formula of the product, rich in natural ingredients, does not contain synthetic chemicals or other harmful substances, making it suitable for use by the whole family. Furthermore, its environmentally friendly composition ensures that it is safe for nature, reflecting a sustainable choice for protection against mosquitoes.

Spray on your body from 15cm distance.
Natural product suitable for chilren over 2 years old.