Sunscreen Hair Oil

with grapeseed, aloe vera, abyssinica & organic olive oil


Apis Fabricca's Sunscreen Hair Oil is an innovative solution for protecting and caring for your hair during sun exposure. With a unique composition of grape seed oil, aloe oil, organic olive oil, and Abyssinian oil, this product acts as a natural protection filter, offering a level of care that is hard to find elsewhere.
The plant oils contained in the product are not just a moisturizing factor but actively work to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun. Grape seed oil and Abyssinian oil provide antioxidant protection, while organic olive oil and aloe oil repair and rejuvenate the hair, keeping its color vibrant and protecting it from wear.
By using Apis Fabricca's Sunscreen Hair Oil, you ensure that your hair remains healthy and shiny, even after long-term exposure to the sun or sea salt. The easy application makes this product ideal for summer months, offering a comprehensive solution for your hair protection. Finally, the fruity and summery kiwi fragrance turns the application into a delightful experience.

Apply to dry hair, protecting them from the sun and sea.
After the summer season or when you no longer need protection from the sun, use it as a moisturizing hair oil.
Apply to the length of the hair as a mask for 10-20 minutes before sampooing.