Nail & Cuticle Oil

with milk thistle oil & sesame oil


The Nail & Cuticle Oil is a premium nail care product, perfect for strengthening dehydrated nails prone to breaking and flaking. This innovative formula is enriched with milk thistle and sesame oil, known for their hydrating and nourishing properties. The milk thistle oil, with its powerful antioxidants, protects the nails from daily environmental assaults, while the sesame oil moisturizes, preventing the formation of hard cuticles.
Using this oil offers not just immediate hydration but also long-term protection, aiding in the quick and healthy growth of the nails. Regular application leads to noticeably stronger and more lustrous nails, while the cuticles remain soft and healthy. This miraculous blend is essential for those seeking to maintain beautiful and healthy nails, offering an excellent daily step in the nail care routine.

Apply a few drops on natural nail to strengthen or on painted nails around the edges to moisturize the braces.