Micellar Water

with chamomile & calendula extract


Micellar water is the "magical water" that can remove make-up, sebum, pollutants and dust of the day from our face with one pass. Its composition is based on micelles, microspheres that magnetize dirt, pollutants and oil, leaving the skin clean, shiny and renewed.
Apis Fabricca's micellar water contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin. This has the result that your skin does not feel "pulled" after cleaning but leaves you with a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and softness. Its composition consists exclusively of natural ingredients without harmful chemical compositions for the skin.
Contains Chamomilla Recutita Extract which offers softening, calming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It helps to regenerate damaged skin. It contains Calendula Officinalis Extract which offers softening and healing properties to the skin. It is ideal for sensitive skin, which often shows irritation and redness, because the soothing active ingredients it contains, prevent the irritations that are often caused by cleansing.
It doesn't cause blackheads. It does not dry out or irritate the skin because it does not contain soap, alcohol or aggressive ingredients that disrupt the skin's pH and hydrolipidic film. It creates a feeling of comfort and the skin remains soft and shiny. It is suitable for all skin types.


Soak a cotton pad with a few drops and with gentle movements remove the make-up and impurities of the day.
No need to rinse off with water.