Beeswax cream for Babies

with St. John's wort oil, calendula, chamomile & organic olive oil


The beeswax cream for babies and nursing mothers, enriched with pure unprocessed beeswax, organic olive oil, chamomile oil, balsam oil, and calendula oil, constitutes an ideal natural care for sensitive skin. The pure beeswax offers excellent hydrating and antimicrobial properties, enhancing the skin's natural resilience and promoting healing. On the other hand, organic olive oil, known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties, helps nourish and protect the skin, keeping it soft and healthy.
Chamomile oil and balsam oil provide soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing irritation and inflammation, while calendula oil is ideal for preventing and treating irritations, offering an additional level of protection and nourishment.
The absence of fragrances and essential oils makes the ointment safe and ideal even for the most sensitive skins. Thus, this particular ointment meets the need for a natural, gentle, and effective care product for babies and nursing mothers.


Apply to the irritated area after changing the diaper.
It can be used to heal irritated nipples.
Consult your doctor before use.