Castor oil


Castor oil, a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, is a complex and miraculous blend for health and beauty care. Known for its anti-inflammatory, softening, and moisturizing properties, castor oil has become popular in skin and hair care.
In dermatology, castor oil is often used to moisturize dry skin and treat various skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Its powerful moisturizing ingredients help maintain skin moisture, offering deep nourishment and relief.
In trichology, castor oil is renowned for its properties in enhancing hair growth. It is frequently applied to the roots and lengths of hair to strengthen the health of the scalp, reduce hair loss, and promote hair density.
Overall, castor oil is a versatile natural product with multiple uses and benefits, both in health care and in beauty care.
All natural base oils have a wide range of uses and beneficial properties.
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